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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I've had several customers in Germany who had stability problems with their ACA1230-28. Three of them have now confirmed that the attached timing fix is perfectly working for them. One feedback is still pending, and one feedback indicates a warranty case.

Chris from AmigaKit confirmed the fix as well, he even did cross-tests by removing and re-applying the caps to really confirm that these are the cause for the stability problems. Thanks for all that work, Chris!

I have snapped pictures and wrote the attached document. Should anyone of you have stability issues with the ACA1230, please check if you have the capacitors E123C and E125C installed. Only remove them if you really have stability problems. By removing them if you don't have any problems, you're likely to introduce timing issues. In other words: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I just got the ACA 1230/28 today - but it causes graphics corruption and after a few minutes the Amiga crashes.

I have a Amiga 1200 (NOS from AmigaKit), Rev 1D4 - so i took it apart to so i could remove E123C and E125C according to Jens' document. Unfortunately my version doe's not have these components - so it's not a timing problem.

I ordered the ACA without MMU, but the box says "with MMU" - On where I bought it, they have refurbished 1230/28 with MMU - could the problem be that I got a wrong board that dosn't work?
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