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Thumbs up Putty Squad demo now works in WinUAE 0822r1!

Although,I suppose this is only news for people living under a rock, I thought to give that Putty Squad demo disk another try & got a surprise to find it works!!

On a downside, I saw a return of the sound stutters when the screen was moving/busy. But thats because I've only got a Celeron 900, & running 800x600 16bit fullscreen with scanlines, which I suspect is just a tad too slow for AGA emulation.
When I'm not moving the sounds fine, so I don't blame WinUAE, just my humble PC specs compared to you P4/Athon XP guys!!

That said, ECS/OCS A500 stuff works perfectly on the above specs, with great sound-kudos to the WinUAE guys for fixing up those sound issues. 0822r1 was the first time I could play Pinball Dreams in 800x600 with no slowdown/slurred sound since 08.8r8!

But to get back to Putty Squad. Anyone have any idea what the controls were again?
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