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Nope, way too expensive for what you get. For $300 I could buy a considerably faster AROS system (heck, even amithlon/os3.9 running an emulated 68k cpu on said $300 system is probably just as fast). As for the power consumption to performance ratio, it's not nearly as good as touted. TDP of 25 Watts at 2ghz. It's ok, but far from impressive these days. E-350 (AMD fusion/bobcat based cpu) has a TDP of 18 Watts, is a faster cpu and includes an HD6310 intergrated gpu (all inside the 18 watts TDP). PA6T uses more power, is slower, and doesnt include an intergrated gpu, not to mention the graphics card that is being sold with it (Radeon 4350 iirc?) is even slower than the intergrated gpu in the E-350..
Im still interested in OS4.x itself, but the harware leaves a heck of a lot to be desired.
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