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Problem installing CGX4


Yesterday I tried installing CGX4 on my system for the very first time, its a BPPC based system with BVision, OS is ClassicWB OS3.9.

As I currently have no way to connect a CDROM drive, I've made an ISO from the installation CD (not original, but known to work on a friend's system) and mounted it on my A1200 using DiskImage.

When I try to run the installation, I get an Installer requester with the following error:
"Unable to compile script.
ERROR: Symbol name not valid here on line 671".

This happens immediately, installation doesnt start at all.
The "Upgrade" option on the CD does start Ok, but that doesnt help me

As I understand, this is an Installer problem.
So far I've tried replacing my existing Installer with the one supplied on the CD (v43.3), which didnt help.
I also tried copying the CD to a folder & running it from there (with the proper assign for the CD name), same result here as well

I've looked at the installation script, line #671, but all it contains is a ')' symbol.

Any idea what to try next?

Thanks in advance!
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