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Originally Posted by brolly View Post
Yeah I've seen the covers before, but that alone doesn't prove the game was actually released on retail, it could have been cancelled. I've been looking for an Oscar copy for ages and never found one.

Can you point me where I can find at least an iso of it Amigajay? It's not on the zone nor any group seems to have dumped it so this is why I'm suspicious about a retail release, would be strange if it was indeed released and no one dumped it yet.
Well that is true i suppose, i have iso's of the seperate Dangerous Streets and Diggers releases, I've just checked and can't find one of Oscar...unless like you say it was pulled at the last minute with only a few proto copys floating around...

The NTSC pictures are here for those who havent seen them...although it says the barcode is valid too..hope someone can get hold of a copy and dump it to find out for completions sake...

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