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Ok now have two new problems:

The menu music seems to cause the point and click games not to work (lethal Formula, Lord of Alcandria 2 and 3) - I have solved this by removing Hip from the C folder - during the AMSloader execution the file isn't found and the point and click games work - has anyone had any problems with the menu music causing games not to load?

The second issue relates to Seuck games - during the game between the SEUCK screen the compilation seems to reboot to menu in the back ground - if you press fire at this stage then you accidently load another game in the background - this second game appears between the second SEUCK title screen and the main game - as soon as the main game is playing there are no interuptions - as soon as you lose all your lives the second game makes another appearance. Has anyone experienced this?

Apart from these bugs - the compilation is working well from hard drive:

The WHDLoad games work fine
The screen shots now appear in the menu
95% of the other games work without any problems -
The HD version is a lot quicker to load both to the menu and when loading games -

I hope to make this available for download so individuals can create a CF public domain hard drive and play through the pcmcia slot on their Amiga 1200s
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