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Originally posted by Drake1009
I don't know if WinUAE supports the command line parameters to just start a game yet. Got it working with fellow but never WinUAE. But then that's some time ago.

And double clicking a config file does launch winUAE doesn't it?
Psssst! ... WinUAE doesn't really need to support much of anything in the way of command line parameters, just so long as it supports being loaded automatically by double clicking on a config, which it does. If you create a separate config file for any specific game that includes all the specific settings that the game needs, and unclick the "Show GUI at startup" checkbox in that config before you save it, then double clicking on that config file afterwards will load WinUAE with that configuration, and go straight into the emulation. I've created hundreds of configurations that work just that way. Of course you still need the GUI for changing adf's, but for games that never require disk swaps, you can play all day and never see the GUI at all.
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