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Dopus 4.16 config screen resolution mess when using HighGFX

I've been using Dopus 4.16 for a few years without a single issue untill I recently started playing with HighGFX Workbench screenmodes.

I set Dopus up to use its own screen cloning the workbench one with 8 colour depth. No matter which resolution the workbench has, the configuration screen seems to always open as an ordinary Highres 640x256 (PAL) without problem... save when the workbench is previously in 1024x768 HighGFX mode, when it will try to open in 640x256 but will make a little mess instead ^_^'

First pic is how the config screen should be under ordinary circumstances, second one is how it shows when Workbench is in HighGFX screenmode:

As you can see, I'm lucky if I can blindly find my way to the save/cancel buttons (which should be "below" the visible part of the screen) and get out from there.

This only happens when accessing the configuration screen and WB is on HighGFX. Haven't got a clue if it's an issue with Dopus, HighGFX, or WB itself! (Using Indivision AGA, btw, but I don't think the Indy thing is to blame) ^_^'

Has anyone experienced any similar glitch?


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