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Hmmm this just sounds like a polished turd. Everytime I see crap like this I feel this sort of empty depressing feeling in my gut. Whoopy do you can take a tv and stick "Amiga" on it lol... anybody can do that at home with a printer and some decent paper.

I noticed a few things aswell. The brand "IContain". Anyone ever heard of em before? Sounds like a fake company McCrapewen has made up and is puffing his chest out by saying "The amiga name is mine! I own it, I contain it etc etc"
The words "Protected by IContain"... sounds like a dodgy security firm

Its this kinda of crap that just buries the amiga name even further into the mud and this is all so McRibb can go out on his yacht sipping pimms or whatever these people drink. Anyone get the gist im not happy? lol
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