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Happy A few links to some other's peoples wallpapers

It's OK with me that the thread was moved. I'm new to the forum and I wasn't aware of the wallpaper thread.

I've seen a few Amiga wallpapers around and I though that maybe I should put here a few links to some cool ones that I found."]"]

This one is done in older pixelart style:

Some of you may have seen some of these but the links are good for those that haven't. I also found quite a few good ones at the gallery section of I particularly liked these ones:

In just keep clicking in the images that appear until you get to the largest image (sometimes you click once and a larger image appears and then you click again in that one and an even larger one appears).

I hope you like those. I think that they are very nice, particularly that last one which is in 1600 x 1200 pixels resolution. I took that one and resampled it and then cropped it to 1920 to 1080 HD (for 16:9 wide ratio without distortion) in The Gimp paint program and it still looks very nice cause it is very high in quality.
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