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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Yeah, just for the fun of it, I was toying with MP3s. Songplayer came on my ClassicWB FULL, so I tried it.
Now, I have an ACA1230/28, so it's not the top of the line...
The demo song that came with it was terrible. So I started converting down bitrates.
48k was almost workable, but not quite...
32k was the suite spot! (well, very "tinny" mono suite spot )
So, I was listening to a 5 minute song from 1.2M MP3 file!!!

Now, there are better ways to get music on the Amiga, but I was imagining what might have been possible around '93 when MP3s were starting...
I never tried it on my Amiga then (no accelerator), but I can imagine I would have been pretty excited doing that!!!

With SongFace you can make it to look like this:

The good it has is it comes already configured in SongFace, so it will play really well, although you still can improve it. But the best with difference is to play Aiff files. Ah, I forgot... it comes ready for karaoke.

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