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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
My ACA 630's attachment to the CPU seems to be unreliable. My Amiga failed during the party resulting yellow screen and blinking power LED. The whole computer with turboboard worked fine for a week before, many hours per day. But then I brought it to an Amiga party and after a warm-up (about one and half hour) it failed.

After returning home I turned my Junebug on and it worked fine, but again - after some 2 hours the symptoms returned - yellow plus blinks. I opened the case, pushed ACA to the CPU and then it worked fine again, for some 4 hours. But then somebody kicked my table (not so firmly) where Amiga was laying and it resulted system hang-up, black screen and all three LEDs lit. I had to open the case again and push ACA one more time. It seems those two screws are just insufficient to keep the card in its place properly and I will have to work out some better solution.

And yes - the contacts were cleaned with alcohol before I installed the card. It is also possible that there are those microcracks on 68000's feet that Jens was talking about.
You can buy some small thin nuts and bolts that will work much better, obviously you cant overtighten them but they wont slip and pull at the board like the screws. There is lots of room on the underside of the board for the small nuts
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