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Originally Posted by brolly View Post
Cauterize : Thanks for the link for your site, looks pretty good. But I think we are after 2 different goals, I'm trying to create a unique CD32 games list and not a list of all games that had official CD32 releases which seems to be your goal.
Yeah more for the collectors over here

Originally Posted by brolly View Post
About Camel Racer and Gangster Pursuit, even though they are not official would you consider them CD32 or CDTV games? I was thinking CDTV, but then again there's no reference to CDTV on the cds while CD32 is written there.
Trying to dig up the long gone website for the group which made these games. They used A1200s or A500s with an attached CD drive from what I remember. So they're far from CD32 games, if that's any help at all?
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