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Whizz CD32 - Let's put this to rest once and for all!

Whizz is beginning to drive me insane. Apart from EAB member Josh, I'm yet to hear of anyone who actually owns this one.

I'm not doubting it's existance, however I noticed it had either been removed or was never included in the Hall of Light. Which began to make me wonder.

The reason I ask is that there is next to no imagery of the game available online. The one which often surfaces is this image below:

However if you look closely, there is no mention on the box whatsoever of it being a CD32 version to begin with. Is it the PC version pictured here?

Was the one copy Josh had a pre-release/press copy or indeed a retail release? Or can someone else provide images of the back/sides of the boxes indicating a mention of the CD32

Any information will be greatly appreciated and will save me from further headaches
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