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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Hi Steve,

I'm not sure why Warcraft II would be crashing, I guess you can try changing the different options it presents before running the game, perhaps one of them is causing the crash. Sometimes it will ask you to insert the CD but you can usually proceed past this.

It runs fine from my hardfiles and from my new Mac-formatted partition on two different 030 A1200s here, both AGA though.

I'd love to see your Fitzville city. I wonder if the city save files can be swapped between the Amiga and Mac versions, I'll have to try it out later.
Hey Cammy, I'll certaily share my City when its finished

I have to go back to a previous save becuse I bankrupted it

Hmm, maybe here are some cheats for extra money

I'm pretty sure the saves for PC and Mac can be swapped but the Amiga Version seems to be very different, I'll have to double check. I was playing the PC version last night and its exactly the same as the MAC and the Deluxe version even came with the same City's like London, I was looking at that in more details and its shocking how someone did all the plumbing and stuff so it all works

I used to love all these games where you build something, like Age of Empires, although I used to get side tracked and build 50 ports, create 200 ships and go on a rampage

I'll try again with Warcraft II, I did mess with some settings but it didn't help at the time however I didn't try everything. Sadly I don't have any 030/AGA setups in my collection to try, how sad is that!!!

You should see ShapeShifter running on my 060/72mhz setup, its amazing

Shame they sisnt do a version for PPC's, that would be interesting.

I'll have to try a Mac Formatted partition on the slower setups as I think that will help, no need on the 060's as they're so quick even with HDF's.

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