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File not executable

Whilst waiting to solve the cd32 hard drive toolkit problem I ve tried copying the cd game folder over to a CF card on my Amiga 1200 Pcmcia slot and accessing the games by clicking on the main game file. This works for most games but some games like Jumpem and Lethal Formula (to name but two) require me to assign the folders.

On the cd32 toolkit I had start files e.g. Jumpem.start - I first tried copying these over but got the message -"file not executable" - I then created a new file in notepad + and copied this over without the file extension and called it simply startgame - yet again I got the message - file not executable - I even tried the orignial startup-sequence file in the S directory for the game and got the same message.

Is it easy to create an executable start file for the game or is this not possible when running from a hard drive?

I apologise for my ignorance but I did no programming with my Amiga originally and I ve only learnt about start scripts whilst creating the cd32 compilation.
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