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Hey Cammy,

I've not used ShapeShifter on the A600 recently, we've been playing with custom roms and OS3.5/9 setups and not implemented ShapeShifter yet.

I have however spent a fair bit of time playing Mac Games from ShapeShifter on my A4000

I built a huge city in SimCity 2000 called FitzVille lol

Its cool the A600 can do it, but I find it much more productive on my other setups.

One game I can't get to run though is Warcraft II, I'll have to check the exact error but it crashes out and reboots

Any ideas?

I'm running your HDF's 7.6.1 and this is on the 040 with Cybervison RTG, 640x480 (or 800x600 & 256 Colour.

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