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Hey Steve, how did you end up going with this? I just recently prepared, partitioned and formatted a 4GB CF card with a 1GB partition for the Mac side. I loaded up Shapeshifter using my MacOS7.6.1 hardfile and selected the new "Mac" partition as the device disk. Once MacOS had booted up it popped open a requester to initialize the new 1GB drive, so I gave it a name and proceeded. It took nearly two hours to check the driver once it was initialized, but once it was done it was all good and ready to use. I simply dragged and dropped the icons from the MacOS7.6.1 hardfile drive into the new drive, waited for it to copy, then set the Shapeshifter settings to boot from the new partition rather than the hardfile. It works great on my A1200s, I made a 7.1.1 partition on my A1200 with an 8MB RAM card, I only use it in black & white because it has no MMU to speed up colour displays.
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