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Originally Posted by Parsec View Post
Hardware-wise I liked the 128k Speccy best, with the Amstrad models close behind.
Aye. As far as the "ultimate spectrum" goes, the +2 was the best - bugs in the ROM fixed and a tape player built in, and not too shabby either. It was the most compatible of the 128k speccies, before Amstrad fixed the floating bus hardware bug which rendered a lot of games unplayable, and also fixed the ULA snow bug (which meant that although some games played fine on +2A/+3, they were unplayable on earlier models). Also, the Silicon Disc commands changed so BASIC programs that used it were incompatible.

The 128k was however the best-looking of the lot, very stylish and quite functional. Shame it was plagued by bugs in the ROM though.

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