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Very interesting!

So it seems Frontier was first released in time for christmas 1993. Then a bug fixed version was released sometime in 1994. This was quickly followed by another updated version, v1.05r4.

Both later releases were developed on the same unexpanded A1200 with workbench 3.0. I say unexpanded as most accelerators and RAM expansions came with a built in battery backed up clock.

I wonder where SPS gets its dates and version numbers from?

Is it possible to find out if v1.05r4 is the last version?

Also the CD32 version apparently isn't totally bug free as new bugs were introduced:

According to Stuart Wilson, the CD32 version has a unique bug (the 'CD32 joypad/mouse bug'), whereby the front lasers will fire intermittently when using the mouse. It also has another new bug (the aptly-named 'Flying Instructor' bug, discovered by Paul Roberts) whereby the ship's computers will dutifully attain approximately 50% of your set speed, whether it's high or low, and whether you're flying in space or in an atmosphere.

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