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Well, now I'm confused. How come there are two different English EU releases with the same date in SPS' database?

Could the dates actually be wrong - the game wasn't released in Sep 1992 at all, but late 1993 shortly before Christmas (look at the dates of the magazine reviews).

All I can say for sure is:
- I got my copy for Christmas 1993
- I was certainly under the impression (from magazines at the time) that it had only recently come out, but I don't know if my copy was the original release with ALL the bugs
- it definitely DID have the bug where you could get lots of money by trying to sell your ship when you already had passengers on board
- it was a blue floppy disk with a black label (as per HoL)
- I'd like to work out which of the IPFs I have (I have all of the ones listed) is the corresponding one for my version so I can play it in WinUAE! (although I'll probably use Djay's version if I really get back into it)

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