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Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
But I am *sure* that after the initial furore of the first floppy release being bugged, Gametek released a patch update to fix some of the most glaring bugs, while the CD32 release was a further revision with new features like the navigation aid. I'm sure I remember David Braben being interviewed in (I think) Amiga Format about it!
You are right! The CD32 was a final revision. A patched version was quickly released. Here is the interview in Amiga Format issue 57. Check out pages 44 and 45.

Originally Posted by Djay View Post
if the disks are blue its the first version
if the disks are black, i think some bugs fixed but still has copy-protection check
if printed title on the disks, then its part of a comp and have bugs fixed and copy-protection removed because of a shared manual (see pic below)
CD32 all bugs fixed, new features and copy-protection removed
Looking at the scans of the floppy disk versions here:

As all the disks are blue I am assuming you mean the 'white label' disks are the first revision. They show copyright '1992' on the label. The black labelled disks have copyright '1993' so these must be a later revised version. My own boxed copy of Frontier is the black label variety.

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