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i have it on floppy disk so if anyone needs a *real* copy send me a PM

one of the greatest Amiga games with new features... it is great!

with more details:-
if the disks are blue its the first version
if the disks are black, i think some bugs fixed but still has copy-protection check
if printed title on the disks, then its part of a comp and have bugs fixed and copy-protection removed because of a shared manual (see pic below)
CD32 all bugs fixed, new features and copy-protection removed
contents of CD32 version release in a comp for PC
WHDLoad version from either blue or black disks with copy-protection then removed
and then my release today

the first version i had was then blue disk version... sometime later i got another copy cheap, which was black disk version, i also had a fairlight cracked one

WHDLoad version is new to me... although the save menu is not like the CD32 version, so must be disk based
i had never played the CD32 version nor knew of the differences until i made the SE version today

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