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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
the first few levels are a tad boring... try the later ones, much more of a challenge

if you get back into Amiga gaming, you might wanna check out HOL as it will give you an idea of what games to get you may have not played before... steer clear of Moonstone is not that great and it goes for a small fortune on ebay
I remember it being much more difficult, it was one of the free games I got with the computer and it didnt get played for a long time as i didnt understand it, then one day I decided to play it and got hooked. Im pretty sure I completed it years ago.

Im definatelly going to get a few bits together, if only for curiosity and it ends up back in its box, then in another 20 years it may come out again lol.
If I manage to secure some space for it then it will stay setup, im sure it would be a bit of a talking point and a bit of excitement for those who had one
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