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I told I was saying how was the speed with an Idefix Express and the ACA 1230/56. Finally I had a bad IDE cable, and now it's working. Well, it's 4,161,015. It's much more now, but still I can't play the Novacoder's Scummvm for 030. Perhaps it's a matter of the version.
Well, I've been busy this afternoon and have prepared my "mounted for pieces" (mb, case, floppy, retrobrighted keyboard...) Amiga for the new ACA, as I was keeping it for it.

I've redone two things I had previously done in my other Amiga, a tray cd and a lateral slot for the Cf HD. As the time before, I've done the bezzel of the tray in the plastic of the Amiga cutting an spare trapdoor... even the button is made with that plastic, (I was going to use an slot cd system, but I don't like the huge hole it leaves) and I've done too in the lateral slot for the HD a plastic clear window (using one of a bezel cd, 2x1mm) for the light of the HD, beside it.
I don't want to open a thread for something so simple, it's just to show where I'm going to use my new ACA:

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