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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
Have you tried raising your A1200, or any other means of providing extra cooling?

Since you say that the problem did not occur until after several minutes of running the first 15 games and then was still there with warm and cold booting, but was fixed after you waited 10 minutes, but then returned, it sounds very much like an over-heating problem.

The over-heating problem could even be in the PSU causing a low voltage to occur, if the over-heating is not inside the A1200 case itself from the accelerator.
Well, that's what I thought too Dave, but the trapdoor was always open as it doesn't fit. But eitherway if more cooling is needed, other than having the trapdoor open, then this is not a proper hardware for a A1200 system i guess.

Now I really don' t know if the PSU is over-heating, but what I do know is that I've also used the original stock PSU of the A1200 initially. When all these crashes etc started I decided to use an A500 PSU requiring more power for the use of the accelerator .... but same things happened.
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