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I haven't used that version of DOpus (I prefer the 4.x Directory Opus), but I have made a lot of buttons and menus and such in DOpus, so I have some experience in that area.

Only thing I can figure is that the default config is set to ask for parameters when double clicking on a file! Just about every single element of that program is user configuarble, but they have to default to something. On my copy, if I double click a program to launch it, it pops up a shell, but still runs the program, as the shell pops to the background.

On the button and menu configs, you will see different ways to setup programs to launch. Say for example, you want to make a button for DMS. Well, you can't just make a DMS button because it requires command line parameters (ex. DMS READ HotNewGame.dms NOZERO). Type DMS by itself in the shell and it will output to the console what the commands and switches are. Perhaps that's what Packmaster is trying to do and Magellan is letting you know that the program cannot be launched that way. Not every app has a GUI. Think of the shell as DOS with a brain (and a soul).

To make any Opus variant fully functional, you need to get under the hood and soup it up. There should be a pull-down menu that takes you to the configuration area. Then expect to spend some time tweaking it to your personal preference(s).
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