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Melbourne Amiga Meeting 20_02_2011

Just attended the Amiga meeting (picked up my new 1200 case) and so I thought I'd bring down my new version of ScummVM to try out on some real hardware.

It turned out that a working 68k AGA machine with a CDROM drive was too much to ask for we tried the RTG version out on a SAM running OS 4.1 and it worked really well, in fact the 'official' OS4 version of ScummVM had actually refused to run on his machine

Feeling confident I tried it out on MorphOS and again it worked very well (on both machines it was fullscreen and full speed, even the filters were basically working).

Using the SAM we copied ScummVM AGA over to a USB stick and got the files transfer to the single working AGA machine (and 040), after some playing around installing AHI etc we also got it working on this machine at a playable speed (without music).

So all in all, a good run for ScummVM 68k

And here are a couple of pics for ya, sorry there are a bit blurry, I'd been drinking.

Great turn-up BTW people, seeya next time

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