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Thanks for the reply, yeah I noticed they use some sort of hierarchy, but it's not exactly like that unless they have some mistakes on their sets for example if they followed the hierarchy you posted:
Fears and Pinball Prelude are both on CD32 and should be on Amiga CD instead.

Or is there anything particular with these 2 games?

Also it's weird they put CDTV at last, wouldn't it make more sense to have AmigaCD > CDTV > CD32?
I never considered Camel Racer or Pinnochio CD32 games, and most (all?) games that run on both CDTV and CD32 were released for CDTV first I think.

One final question, a bit out of this topic, but since I never owned a CD drive for the Amiga I wonder if there's any real difference between the CD version of the games and their AGA/non-CD counterparts. I suppose this will differ from game to game, but if a game has the same ID on HOL and is tagged as running on AmigaCD and AGA for example I guess this means both versions are exactly the same right?
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