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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Weird that Shapeshifter is the 1st thing you tried...I thought you didn't liked Apple stuff
I'm not so shallow that I would dislike all Apple stuff. I just do not like any of the current physical designs of their hardware, I'm not a fan of plain, shiny shapes with no character.

I have been using Macs for years, in fact until I finally got a SX32 for my CD32 I didn't use AmigaOS much at all, the CD32 was for games and my Macs were for general computing. In those years of using the Mac I became quite fond of some of the games, which I'm glad to say most work on my 030 Amiga (SimTower, SimFarm, WarCraft II, Links Pro Golf). I am quite used to playing them on my current 030 setup so of course one of the first things I tried was ShapeShifter so I could compare the speed they run at with my old 28Mhz 030. The (patched) Amiga version of SimCity 2000 also ran quite nicely in the brief time I was testing it.
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