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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
Hi Guys,
I currently use a 1200 with whdload and cf card adapter.
I was just wondering if a minimig would also serve my purpose?
can it play whdload titles and AGA and CD32 etc
thanks for your time
Well ,

With Minimig with 2mb of ram , you'll be able to perfectly replace an A500 as Yagube did a lot in last firmware.

Adding it 2mb for an amount of 4mb , without ARM controler you won't have much more , of course you'll be able to emulate an A600 with hard drive but that will be really slow.

Now 4mb + ARM controler +SPI mode , you'll have a nice A6OO with HD and whdload for a lot of games !!

The real thing to keep in mind is that the Minimig was done to "replace" an A500 and it does it perfectly...AND Yagube is still there and is looking for IPF on Minimig so the story continue !!
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