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Hi all!
Received the 1230/28Mhz card two days ago from Amigakit.

My current configuration is: A1200, 3.1 ROMS, 1D.4 mobo. I'm also using my A500 PSU in order to be sure that I have enough power for the accelerator too (yes I've heard that the stock A1200 PSU is crap! Still have it though in case needed!)

Well, already known about the timing fix issues to have on the 1D.4 and 2B revisions of the motherboard, I've inserted the card without initially checking if the C123C and E125C caps are on the mobo.

Without installing and setting the ACAtune etc, everything worked fine (!) for about half hour or so, meaning that I've loaded 10-15 whdload games with no prob.
I've also loaded the SysInfo and Intuition Bench to view relevant info for my newly bought accelerator. All fine. See,

Later on though, when I quit the 15th say game to WB, I've started to experiencing weird crashes, usually preceded by graphical corruptions!!! See,

Soft resetting the Amiga nothing changed and the problem was still there!
Hard resetting the Amiga (meaning switching Off wait 30 secs then On) also nothing changed and the problem was still there!

Ok I switched Off the Amiga., awaited 10 or so minutes, then switched On and....everything fixed! No more graphical corruptions or weird crashes! But before getting too excited, unfortunately the problems where fixed only for about...... 10-15 minutes AND THEN same problems started again!!!

Ok I decided to open the Miggy, and check for the presence of the two caps. Well those caps are missing! Nice! I shouldn't have any problems with the timings from the begging! See,

Ok, packing up everything back, and decided to install this ACAtune util, initially came on a disk. Installed fine (hehe actual I did notice that only the ACAtune.lha is actually being copied on the root) and run the following line, as indicated in the forum here:

acatune -maprom * -cache on -burst on >nil:
Pressed <Enter>, and the Kick was mapped, the fast ram activated and all fine here.

Still having the same problems above though!
Then I found and installed the newer version (here too) of the ACAtune the ACATune_V102B5.lha

I then entered in the CLI the following:
acatune -maprom * p to patch the KIckrom
and then also acatune -cache on -burst on >nil:

Still having the same problems above though!
1. Timings are (already) fixed here as specified in the page provided as an instructions manual
2. ACAtune installed and merely used as specified here

Still nothing works properly: distortion, freeze, Crash

Amigakit provided guides in the kit, Jens kindly provided guides for using ACAtune here in eab, and although I followed those guides and tricks I STILL HAVE PROBLEMS, AND PROBABLY A MALFUNCTIONING PRODUCT.

Oh and I am not an expert Amiga engineer.I'm not an expert Amiga user anyway, apart of playing games on it! I'm just a retro lover, who bought a new piece of hardware, followed instractions, but nothing good happened here!
Any (other) ideas on it? Do I need to sent it back to Amigakit and replace it with a new or fixed one?

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