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Yes, Jens I know there are people that say that's the best, but surely 'cause they have one, as I do... really there are others that work without problems too.

I have very good news. This morning I've taked a couple of times the Idefix in and out and after cleaning the contacts and the gayle with a tooth brush, now it's working . I was to install the software of the floppy, but I have some dudes (yes, now it's off topic, but just a question): the software of the floppy has the patch to run with large HD?
If not, I've got a patched Idefix. What I don't know is about the Express adaptor, as I suposse it will need some drivers too, so I would preffer to use the original software.

As soon as I've got it installed (has to be late this afternoon) I'll tell you how's the speed with the ACA...

And another thing: Now what do I do with the 2B mb? Shall I take out those caps anyway although it isn't giving problems as far as I've noticed?

EDIT: It wasn't the cleaning of the parts, it's the IDE cable that was faulty, so it was working sometimes.

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