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First of all, there's a 2-year warranty on every card, and every customer has the right to get his/her unit working, no matter what. If you send in something for repair, then it will of course not be exchanged for a lower-end unit, but the same performance, as that's what you've paid for.

I don't know what the laws are like in Australia, but this sale is covered by German law, which protects the customer in a variety of ways. Cammy, please contact me through the contact form of - we'll sort out the problem. It's a normal support case that should not be handled at a random forum, but by the people you've paid - in this case Alinea and me.

The gfx errors may not be related to the connector at all. They have been reported by one or two people before, but none of them went the whole way of letting me investigate the issue completely. I'm working on one case where the owner of a "special" A1200 that displays these errors will send me his whole setup for measurement purposes - including power supply. Once I have that unit here (probably late next week), I can (hopefully) provide a fix - where the "hope" mainly comes from "hoping to be able to reproduce the fault in the lab".

there is no "best revision ever" of the A1200 mainboard. Commodore has mixed and matched chipsets, mainboards and re-works like hell, and there's a lot more different assembly variants out there than board revisions. The A1200 is not as bad as the A2000 (which has almost 70 varieties), but it's still much more than the five revisions known by their names. In addition to that, power supplies are ageing and over the years, mainboards may have been modded with re-works, giving the chance of even another timing model. There is only one way of finding out what's *really* going on, and that's with a logic analyzer.

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