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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
The motherboard isn't screwed in at all, there's no way this thing would fit through the trapdoor slot if it was. The entire A1200 motherboard is being bent a little bit just so this thing will fit.

Please note that I was not using -maprom, you are looking at the disabled like with a ; in front of it. The active line was the one above, which still does not work so I use ACATune without any options.

I am still experiencing weird crashes, usually preceded by graphical corruption. I don't have any other expansions in this A1200 other than the internal IDE-CF adapter and a PCMCIA card reader.
Check for E123C and E125C on the bottom of the mobo.
If they are there then remove them carefully.
If it doesnt help then simply put them back on.

@Retrofan, Idefix express is gone, there are no more left to sell.
Its out of production.
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