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My new CD32

I am too excited not to share this with someone, and who better than you guys

Just got hold of a CD32 in original box, with FMV module, and several boxed and unboxed games - all completely mint! One owner, only used a couple of times.

So... I took a couple of picture and it's about time I share something with the community, besides stupid questions

The guy who sent it to me really went to town on packaging. Everything was bubble wrapped - even the box.

Oh, and sorry in advance if the pictures are a bit large


Inside the box

Out of the box. Really like those Competition Pro's. The original controller hurts my fingers

Let's see whats hiding in there... What games/stuff actually support this

The boxed games. They really look nice

Unboxed games. Some favorites of mine in there... Seek & Destroy... Roadkill... Wohoo Banshee i already have, so I guess I have to get "rid" of one of 'em.

Looking forward to spending some time with this baby. Compared to my old battered one, this will look splendid with the brand new SX-1.

I feel very lucky

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