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About CD32 Games

I'm trying to build a definite list of CD32 games, but since on most lists that are available some of the games listed there are amiga cd or cdtv games I was wondering what most of you consider to be actual CD32 games. Would it be the games only released to that system or maybe also games that were re-released having the CD32 logo added to the boxart.

I listed several games that are usually considered as CD32 games, but that I'm not sure if they should be. Imagine you were doing 3 separate lists for Amiga CD, CDTV and CD32, in which one would you place these titles?
If there's any particular difference between both versions I'd be interested on knowing as well.

- Black Viper AmigaCD or CD32
- Camel Racer CD32 or CDTV
- Cedric And The Lost Sceptre AmigaCD or CD32
- Defender of The Crown 2 CDTV or CD32
- Emerald Mines CDTV or CD32
- Fears AmigaCD or CD32
- Gamer's Delight AmigaCD or CDTV or CD32
- Inherit The Earth AmigaCD or CD32
- Gloom 3 AmigaCD or CD32 (Doesn't seem to work on CD32 so this should be an easy choice=
- Gangster Pursuit CDTV or CD32
- Kang Fu AmigaCD or CD32
- Pinball Prelude AmigaCD or CD32
- Pinnochio CDTV or CD32
- Power Games CDTV or CD32
- Sixth Sense Investigations AmigaCD or CD32
- Superfrog AmigaCD or CD32
- Wendetta 2175 AmigaCD or CD32

Also is there any proof that Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers was ever released?
Would be interesting to have some input on this.
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