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After removing the case I managed to shove the ACA1230 in through the trapdoor slot, using the cut-away part to get past the lip, but now the accelerator hangs out on a very bad angle. It also causes the whole system to crash and come up with error messages and graphical corruption. There is no way to close the trapdoor at all, even if I were to modify it because of the way the whole end of the accelerator hangs out the hole. After running ACATune it did detect the RAM and added 62MB Fast. Any option I try with ACATune just causes the A1200 to crash and reset, so I just have C:ACATune for now. The A1200 randomly crashes, even in the early Startup menu or in AmigaDOS.

I know no one ever believes me, so I took some photos of the ACA1230 attached as well as the screen after it crashed one time.

I would really like to know what I'm supposed to do now. I can see how it passed "Quality Control" since it does sometimes work and probably worked the whole five seconds it was being inspected before getting the gold sticker, but how am I supposed to use my system when it randomly crashes? Is it even safe for the accelerator to be wedged onto the motherboard on such an angle?

I noticed that the connector problem is similar to this one, although I don't think any of the pins are damaged internally like this, it's just pried off of the board with a gap beneath it on one side.

Should I risk sending this back for repairs, or is it just another case of tough luck? If I sent it back to Alinea Computer (where it was purchased from) will they repair it themselves or pass it on to Jens, will I ever get it back if I send it away, and if I do get it back will it have the same 56Mhz CPU or will it be swapped for a slower model out of spite?
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