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That's the first I did. I used my Hawk Ram board: no, it just asks for the floppy.

This is what the paper of Individuals talks about Timing corrections:
"Some A1200 models do not work properly with accelerator cards; they randomly crash on totally different occasions or display random graphics. Commodore has prepared the A1200 motherboard for timing corrections that are required for the different chip revisions that were used. However, some corrections have not been removed after chips have reached a state where these corrections are not required any more. The result is that a timing parameter that is already corrected in the Amiga chips is "corrected" one more time with an external component. The result is a bad timing that will only show if you are using a more sophisticated accelerator card. "

So, the thing is: how do I know if I have to take out those caps? How do I know if they made the correction once or twice? Revision 2B has the problem, hasn't it? So, I just take them out and ready, is that ok?

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