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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
This afternoon I've tried to install an Idefix Express adaptor to the Amiga, and it wasn't working. I've began to search possible causes and I've noticed one thing: This Amiga in which I'm installing the ACA is one I've mounted for pieces I had around... but almost haven't tried it. I've noticed it's revision 2B... Still I haven't dismount it, but... it has The Black Dead..., I mean the timing errors, hasn't it? I've been reading what Individuals talk about how to fix that timing errors (really that paper has all the info, thanks Jens).

Two questions:
I must fix them, don't you believe? I haven't had time to see any issue, and I can't compare to see what's normal or not.

Do you know if it can affect to the Idefix too?
What happens without the ACA1230 installed, does IDEFIX Express work then?
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