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Hooooo WinUAE in XP

Sometimes I have trouble running WinUAE (version 0.8.22R1) in Windows XP which happen in very special occasions:

Problem 1:
When I run an Audio-CD in Windows Media Player and WinUAE starts up, the music immediately stops. Now this would normally be not much of a problem, but thanks to the cumbersome Media Player interface, I have managed two times accidendently turning the Player to full-screen mode. In this full-screen mode normally a nice animation is displayed, but when playing WinUAE it turns to a black screen. Here the problem starts: pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE turns back to the desktop but WinUAE cannot be closed anymore. Even the XP-taskmanager can't manage to close the program. The only solution is resetting the machine.

Problem 2:
WinUAE features an 'Output'-tab which let you record an AVI-movie of a program the emulator is playing. Only altering settings in this tab already results in the XP-system getting extremely slow. At this point the XP-taskmanager tries to close the emulator but fails. After zillion attempts it manages to close the emulator and the system returns back to a normal state.

Have other Windows XP and WinUAE 0.8.22R1 similar experiences?
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