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Toilet lid? LOL..I love it. I cannot afford a G4 right now, in a year I will be basking in Mac glory. For now this nifty iBook will do.
I still have my 540 powerbook ..7 years old, and still an amazing machine. It blew away the competition back then, and I swear, tho I maxed out the specs (know ya hate specs Akira), it gave the Dells and vaios and such a run for the money until a year or 2 ago!

Akira, the most elegant and beautifully organized site for Mac emulation is here....

Power 64 is a superb C 64 enu. Frodo is good too. The Broken Windoze emus cannot hold a candle to them. MacUAE as you know is adequate, but honestly has fallen behind. Nostalgia, the Atari St emu, spits in the face of Winston and Pacifier in terms of stability and compatability.
Console emus? Every serious NES freak knows iNES is incredibly well designed and stable. Very compatable.
TG -16 emulation is lacking...Dgen and Macgen were very slow when i had them on my Powerbook (183 MHZ), you need a G3 at least. On my iBook..juuuust swell!
There...I have much more to tell if you wish. But The above site
By Mr. stiles is far better than I can ever do
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