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DOpusRT problem (?)

I have installed OS3.1 to my A600 with KS3 and I encountered a strange problem with Directory Opus 4.12.

I have a lot of custom buttons which work fine on my A1200. I copied my Directory Opus to my A600 including all its contents (I hope) and DO now works also on my A600, but only partially. The problem is it is unable to run any external tool that is called through the button or through any other function (drag n drop etc). An example:

I have one button configured for warm reset. "Reset" is the tool file in my C: drawer. So the button function in Dopus is like:

AmigaDOS Run c:reset
When I click it, NOTHING happens. The same with other simply called tools.

When I go to the C: drawer (through DOpus), find the tool Reset and try to launch it, I get the DOpus Output window with the error message:

C:DopusRT: file is not executable
C:DopusRT failed returncode 10
I tried to trace the AmigaDOS processes so I launched DOStrace and the only error row in the listing, during launching any tools from DOpus is:

Loading segmented image "C:DOpusRT": Failed
So I think problem could be with DOpusRT, which is a file in my DH0:C, size 5080 bytes. Could anyone help me?

My config:

Amiga 600 ACA25
DOpus 4.12
Dopus library v22.5
Kickstart v40.63
Workbench v40.42

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