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Got it working!!! Well just a little - HELP!

Okay, I forgot about this problem as I've been away and have recently found my original IDEFix registration number. I have installed IDEFix 97 and input the registration number and now I have got CD recognition!!! (About time..)

Now, though, I have a new problem.... Any time I try to open files greater than only a few k from the CD I get the message "Volume xxx has a Read/Write Error."

I have tried messing around with settings and used different CD's and still no avail. I have tried at least 70 Amiga Magazine CD-Roms.

CD32 Emulation through WinUAE seems to work to a point (if I boot the CD,) but seems to fail after a while. Running games though works without a hitch.

I thought that this would be a problem to do with my DVD/CDRW combo drive, so I created an ISO of various CD's and mounted them using Daemon Tools. Guess what? Read/Write error!

Hope anyone can get this thing sorted or this comp is going out the window!
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