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I'm getting a little frustrated. Still I haven't found a working mp3 player. I'm thinking to convert them to aiff and play them with the great Play16 of Thomas, as it works fine.
Another bad new: I've just installed a Fast Ata MKIII and it doesn't work in no Pio mode. I tried changing it's s-s comands to second line, first line... nothing. Is there anything I can try to make it run? Will an Idefix Express work? Have somebody tried it?
Without any software running of the Fast Ata I've got around 2.800.000 of speed with Sysinfo, that's a little more, but still isn't enough to run Scummvm for 030...

EDIT:Now I don't know if you have to forget all I've said: I've seen I've got all the ACATune tools disabled with -status. Now I don't know if I changed something before or it's just the installed Fast Ata that doesn't let them run.

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