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With regard to X-Amiga - I talked to the creator of X-Amiga a while ago - I was hoping he would release an update with USB joystick support. Last time Amir Ansari emailed he said:

"I'm hoping to start work on an update very soon. Apart from updating the packages, I'm wondering what else to do... The kernel is the main problem: XA was always meant to be 'minimal', but if I release it with a generic Linux kernel, it gets bloated very quickly. The alternative is to somehow manually configure the kernel during installation; but this is a painful learning curve for many users, so it might be an unreasonable requirement.
Still toying with ideas... Do you have any ideas? ;-)"

Unfortunately, there still doesn't appear to be an update yet, but then I know Amir was busy with the linix side of Amiga Forever I think?

Anyway r0ber7, welcome to the forums, and if you're going to use X-Amiga maybe you could flick Amir a message too and see if there's an update on it's way
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