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Originally Posted by NathanTolbert View Post
I grew up in Topeka and Lawrence. I know exactly where Baldwin City is. I think everything will be fixed so I can join the Natami board, it just may take a little while. It's very cool to see someone close to me that uses Amiga computers. Did you buy your Amiga's in Topeka? When I was a kid there was a computer store downtown in Topeka where my dad and I went when we bought Amiga stuff because it was the only store we knew that sold anything for them in Topeka. All the mall stores sold PC and Atari only if I recall.
Thoroughbred pops into my head as the name of an old Amiga shop. I don't remember if that was the one in Topeka or Overland Park. The only Amiga I bought new was a 3000 in Overland Park.
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