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Originally Posted by NathanTolbert View Post
I can indeed search and read the forums but I cannot do more than that. Are you in the Kansas City area Matthey? I'm just curious as there aren't many Amiga users left around here.
I'm close. I'm in Baldwin City which is a few minutes south of Lawrence but I grew up in Independence, MO. There's still a few Amiga users around K.C. Good luck getting on the Natami board.

@Samurai Crow
Pipelining and code fusion make the N68050 faster (more powerful technically) WITHOUT increasing the clock speed don't they? The same could be said for larger caches, old instructions that take less cycles (compared with 68060), new instructions and addressing modes that require less instructions, and superscaler execution in the case of the N68070. They all make the processor more powerful at the same clock speed. If everything works as planned, the N68050 should be able to outperform the superscaler 68060 at the same clock speed. The N68070 could easily be twice as fast or more at the same clock speed.
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