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Thanks, I'll have. Perhaps I've got a little excited telling that comparisons... Well, it has 2,137Mbs speed with sysinfo. That's a lot as I'm (still) not using any Fast-Ata, any Idefix.
Ah, and another thing I was supossing is that I've got more chip ram. Do you remember that photo of my CWB39 with the Full Throttle image? It was showing 1.500.000 of chip ram... a misery. I got more after I installed cyberbugFixAga, around 1.700.000. Now it shows 1.835.928 chip ram

EDIT: I've got a dude: I have around 5 Cf Hd. Can I leave installed the ACATune in all my Cf HD's so I can use them in both Amigas? (Although I won't be able to use FPU Ibrowse)

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