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Well... I'm the first that posted that the ACA1230/56 was finally for sale, and after a lost sending, an hour ago I've received my beloved ACA.
I've installed it, all right, it boots right. It detects the ACA.
I've got kickstarts 3.1 and I didn't touch the jumpers.
Then I've copied in C the new Acatune tool of the first post here. I've written in the startup-sequence in the first line the following:
C:ACATune -maprom ** -SetOmem 1024 -fastchip on -setchipmem 2048 -fastmem on - chipcache on -Z2cache on -fastchip on -fastZ2 off -caches on >NIL:

When it boots I do an ACATune -status and it tells me all is disabled, except the same of the beginning: Fast ram activated, Chip ram area

It seems it isn't detecting the Acatune tools.

Surely somebody here has solved that problem before, but the true is that I got depressed of reading this thread without having my ACA, and it's been a long time I don't read nothing here.

What do I have to do, please?
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